St Brigid's Board

The St Brigid's School board is a group of elected and appointed people from the school community. They have agreed to work together for the financial and educational betterment of the school. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month and is a most valued working group, responsible for many major decisions in regard to the school.

School Board Members for 2017

Board Chairperson: John Bookless

Treasurer: Maria Bruers

Secretary: Susie White

Principal & Ex Officio: Andrew Kelly

Parish Priest & Ex Officio: Fr Roshan Fernando

P&F Rep to the Board:

Board Member: Shannon Fraser Butler


St Brigid's Parents and Friends

The P&F are a hard working group of people who work towards building community and raising funds for the continued growth of our school. They meet each month and are an integral part of our operations as a school.

P&F Executive Members 2017

President: Sharon Gardner

Vice President: Bec Troode

Treasurer: Fiona Roberts

Secretary: Nicole Ward

Uniform Shop Coordinator: Amanda Zera  

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Year Five Classroom Display

Year Five Classroom Display